- art and history in Oslo´s harbour

Evergreen is an art project inspired by ballast plants.
The project consists of a plant like sculpture, ballast plants in beds and a sound installation where you can hear the plants tell their story.

Evergreen was located at Festningsallmenningen i Oslo´s harbour from February 2015 until October 2016.

The artist behind the project is Christian Bermudez.
Kulturbyrået Mesén is the art producer and project leader.

What is a ballast plant?

Ballast plants came to Norway in the period between 1500 and 1900. They arrived as stowaways in the form of seeds hidden among ballast stones, sand and earth. Ballast was necessary to stabilize sailing ships with tall masts and large sails.

Dumping of the ballast in the harbour spread the seed so they could germinate and put down roots.

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